What to Do When You’re Feeling Meh.

Listen while you read... I've been wondering, what it is people need to feel fulfilled and happy and ... alive. I just get this sense that a lot of people right now are feeling "meh". Whether you're dissatisfied with jobs that you do mainly for the money, while your talents go unused. Or if your … Continue reading What to Do When You’re Feeling Meh.


Finding it Hard to Love All the Time??

I am always talking about love, always endeavouring to love with my whole heart. Sometimes it's not met with the response that I desire, and it's disheartening. Or, instead of loving someone through something I wanna through in my "I-know-how-to-fix-it" advice. If you ever feel like that... here's some hope for you.... Source: pamelajanes.blogspot.com via … Continue reading Finding it Hard to Love All the Time??

Framing Up

Framing up is complete! I spent weeks scouring charity shops, finding frames of all sizes, and even that beautiful octagonal mirror! They're all different, some include patterned paper (simply a £1 polka dot roll from Primark!), some mirrors, one I painted with chalk board paint from the Range, one with brown paper (from any post … Continue reading Framing Up