Plans and Purposes

Your journey is your journey. You may be thinking that you've taken a wrong turn somewhere and are looking back to how things used to be and wishing that you could be who you once were. But it's impossible to go backwards. You can't un-know the things you now know, or go back to being … Continue reading Plans and Purposes


Do you think you’re beautiful?

Everybody is different, every smile, every eye colour, every shape of the nose. Even if you take parts from either parent, some parts are uniquely yours, and they way each feature blends together is a masterpiece. And yet, do you see yourself that way? Would you say that your face was a piece of art? … Continue reading Do you think you’re beautiful?

Finding it Hard to Love All the Time??

I am always talking about love, always endeavouring to love with my whole heart. Sometimes it's not met with the response that I desire, and it's disheartening. Or, instead of loving someone through something I wanna through in my "I-know-how-to-fix-it" advice. If you ever feel like that... here's some hope for you.... Source: via … Continue reading Finding it Hard to Love All the Time??