Crafty Hands

One of the projects born from the treasure hunt through Hobbycraft this week! I got a new, massive book case for my room a little while back, and it destroyed my beautiful frame wall. Here's the latest rendition. I know. It's not the same. I still haven't found a home for my framed chalk board, … Continue reading Crafty Hands


Chalk is the new snow!

Christmas, everyone wishes for snow. I certainly do- I'm a kid around snow. And in England, we get all wimpy around snow, and all the schools and public transport systems shut down. I love it. Snow days sledding down hills and building snow men! I've lived with Minnesotan's and they definitely agree that us Brits … Continue reading Chalk is the new snow!

Framing Up

Framing up is complete! I spent weeks scouring charity shops, finding frames of all sizes, and even that beautiful octagonal mirror! They're all different, some include patterned paper (simply a £1 polka dot roll from Primark!), some mirrors, one I painted with chalk board paint from the Range, one with brown paper (from any post … Continue reading Framing Up