Vintage Wedding = A Lifelong Marriage

Weddings these days are incorporating more and more touches of old vintage style. Lace detail, rustic frames, flowers in mason jars, outdoor weddings, or set in some old barn. There's often mismatched furniture, and hand made touches. People decorate stations with ancient suitcases, doilies, bunting, lights and lanterns. I love that the theme represents age: … Continue reading Vintage Wedding = A Lifelong Marriage


Framing Up

Framing up is complete! I spent weeks scouring charity shops, finding frames of all sizes, and even that beautiful octagonal mirror! They're all different, some include patterned paper (simply a £1 polka dot roll from Primark!), some mirrors, one I painted with chalk board paint from the Range, one with brown paper (from any post … Continue reading Framing Up