What to do when you can’t carry on putting on a happy face for everyone else

I wrote a post called 'What to do when you're feeling Meh.' That post discussed how to move towards feeling alive again. This post, I drafted 2 years ago when it seemed everyone around me was feeling meh, and I felt alone trying to always act happy because I felt it would be too much … Continue reading What to do when you can’t carry on putting on a happy face for everyone else


How to feel better about yourself

It surprises me how people critique themselves so harshly; I can be one of those. We should be our own biggest fans! But in a society that pushes a view that you aren't enough until you buy this or achieve that, it's hard to celebrate ourselves, and it's easy to see and dwell on our … Continue reading How to feel better about yourself

Finding a lifestyle balance.

My beautiful talented classmate, always an inspiration with her hard-working ethic and bad-ass body. She lives her message.


As a lot of you may know, my life during term-time at uni is pretty busy! With lectures, labs, studying, assignments, cooking, laundry, rowing, training, socialising and relaxing, it can often feel like there aren’t enough hours in the day!

Student life can often be very overwhelming and stressful, but it is also some of the best years of your life, so here are some of my tips on how best to manage your time and find that healthy balance in your life!

IMG_23651. Write Lists

Being organised is key for helping you maintain a balance in your life so one of my top tips is to write lists!  Whether it’s by hand, on little sticky notes or simply on your phone, this will help you so much and remind you what needs to be done.  I am such a fan of a list, I make them for everything: my uni…

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