Il Dolce Far Niente

Sometimes life takes a shift and what you previously identified with is no longer there. Perhaps a job, or a role. What you've come to know as 'you' isn't there and it can be frightening and depressing. In this world, we know people by what they do, and if you no longer have something you … Continue reading Il Dolce Far Niente



So many of us struggle with feeling lonely. We can be in a room full of people, and feel completely alone. We can be amongst friends, and feel like they don't want us there... that they'd have more fun if we weren't there. People can be socialising and having a good time, and that's how … Continue reading Loneliness

Craft Night

Anyone else feel like it's creative o'clock at 12am? Well that gets lonely night after night, so I run a craft night every other week. Everyone brings their current project and we chat and share stories and laugh whilst making gifts and decor and accessories. Limitless possibilities and sharing of skills! It's pretty simple. Here's … Continue reading Craft Night