Travel the World

This world of ours is vast and beautiful. I'm desperate to get out there and see each place once, then move on to the next place. Each place has something that can be appreciated about it: whether it's the people that make up the culture, or the sculpted shapes of the scenery. People are designed … Continue reading Travel the World


Animal Talk

I've been watching the Africa series with our beloved David Attenborough. I'm amazed by the interaction between the animals. They communicate and they express emotion, much like we do. Calf elephants even play chase with birds, like our kids do in the park! I was outraged at the story with the big evil looking birds. … Continue reading Animal Talk


5000 of our schools closed with this latest snowfall. I was listening to Radio 2, as I worked in my café and they were talking about the Winter of 1963. It was a winter where 20 feet of snow fell. Now this winter, I've seen the deepest snow that I've ever seen with my own eyes. … Continue reading Winter