Create Your Life


Sometimes there are times in life when you can’t help noticing how your life doesn’t seem to be going to plan, or it doesn’t look like everyone else’s and sometimes you feel like you just want to change yourself. And for someone like me who needs a plan and thinks I know myself pretty well, realising a ‘fault’… or many… can make me want to go in to fix-it mode.

But, just because you acknowledge an area you could grow in, doesn’t mean you have to go about changing it right away. You don’t have to do anything actually. Embrace this moment of not being perfect and having it all together. We all want to have a beautiful life, but we need to learn to see the beauty in the mess, and the beauty in the journey.

We aren’t supposed to look like everyone else. We don’t all have to succumb to society’s expectations that we should get married young, get a dog and have 2.5 kids, or whatever the average is these days. If that’s what you want, then go for it. But you don’t have to have that. You can dream and desire for what is uniquely yours.

Learn to be okay with being different.

What would you actually want from life if you weren’t being influenced by your Facebook newsfeed or the impeccably high standards on Pinterest? Of course it’s good to be inspired. But desire to create your own beautiful life, not a copy of anyone else’s. Be original. Be the inspiration.

You have permission to go out in to the world and get involved with the unpredictable.

You’ll be okay. There’ll always be purpose, no matter what choices you make, no matter if it goes wrong or you fail or you fall out with your friends. You’ll get through, you’ll grow, you’ll become stronger, better, braver, fierce. You’ll never be truly on your own. I fully believe, life always works out. So risks should be taken, say yes to new opportunities- even if you’re bad at it to start with! Just find a way to live in such a way that you become someone you like.



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