Il Dolce Far Niente

Sometimes life takes a shift and what you previously identified with is no longer there. Perhaps a job, or a role. What you’ve come to know as ‘you’ isn’t there and it can be frightening and depressing. In this world, we know people by what they do, and if you no longer have something you primarily ‘do’, it can feel like you’re not worth knowing.

But these times can be a time to rest and rediscover what you love and discover anew what you want to be. Make it a season of living from a place of peace and rest and a quiet spirit. Your life has calmed down and you’ve been removed from the busyness, and you can just…. be.

You can take off the labels, remove your titles, take off every performance, act, job and role and discover who you are when you’re not doing anything.

Find the stillness when you’ve stopped juggling all the ‘hats’. Discover who you are when you’re not trying anymore.

Get away from orders and the things you feel you should be doing and could be doing and ought to be doing. Release who you are when you’re not doing what anyone else wants you to do or thinks you should do.

It can feel like a void, until you discover the colours within. When the dust settles, a new song rises from within. When you stop being a puppet being pulled in to an act, directed by fear and insecurity, you discover your true dance. You discover the creative expression that is within you, and it has the freedom to come out, away from watchful eyes.

Have you been diminished by no longer doing whatever it was? Has the person you are been made less? Who are you beneath all the other stuff?

… Il dolce far niente is an italian phrase meaning “it’s sweet doing nothing”…

Now we just have to wish for friends with boats, or a hammock, or a field…


or maybe a comfy bed a coffee and a book will do!relax1


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