Listening on the Next Level

Listen quietly. Absorb all sources of information and use insight. Take it all in. See every expression and gesture. Read the person, but let them speak, over letting your mind analyse. The more we watch and see and hear, the more we understand. We have got to come with a blank canvas; not preconceived notions or with walls up. We have got to stay open: when we disagree, when it offends us, when it feels like it goes against the very core of who we are. We have got to be committed to staying. We have got to be committed to keeping our heart turned towards them…

Never look away, never be so ashamed that you avert your eyes or are so offended that you turn your back. Be there for the long haul.

Don’t ever stop them being themselves. Be their greatest champion. Cheer them on when they make mistakes and learn from them; when they discover who they are; when they express their unique self. Be proud. Be the kind of person others can be themselves around. And you be the person you are when no one is watching or judging. No more masks, hiddenness, or evasion. No more dodging the question. No more ‘re-modelling’ to be the most acceptable form of yourself to the person you’re talking to.

Listen Silent


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