What to Do When You’re Feeling Meh.

Listen while you read…

I’ve been wondering, what it is people need to feel fulfilled and happy and … alive. I just get this sense that a lot of people right now are feeling “meh”. Whether you’re dissatisfied with jobs that you do mainly for the money, while your talents go unused. Or if your life took a different path and you find yourself comparing with people you grew up with and look at your own and think it’s not nearly as impressive as the guy who travelled the world, or the girl who’s found her soulmate, the school mates getting a degree this year while you haven’t even gone to university yet, or the one who actually gets paid to do what they love!

When you don’t feel fulfilled, you feel low, and you might not be able to articulate why- you just don’t fancy getting up in the morning, as what your alarm is going for doesn’t excite you. You end up stuck in the routine of 9-5, living for the weekend, or some holiday in the summer and give in to the feeling that it’s not gonna change- this is just how life is. “Everyone feels like this”. And yeah, maybe we all can feel this way, but do you want to feel this way everyday until you retire? Gosh, no. Save me now. And when you start believing that it won’t change, there isn’t much motivation to make a change! It’s a cycle: you don’t like where you’re at, there’s no evidence that it could change, so there’s no “reason” to put effort in to bringing about a change.

I reckon, people need to address these inner heart needs, as well as basic bodily needs like affection and good sleep and clean un-processed foods. People get bored, so we eat for something to do (how many days do you go round the kitchen opening the fridge and cupboard doors… just to close them with a sigh?!), but eating what your body doesn’t need, when it isn’t truly hungry makes you fat and sick, because you’re trying to feed a need and an empty place that isn’t in your stomach!

People, when they’re bored, also dash from one thing to the other- never quite finishing a task before getting excited about the next new thing… and it’s awesome to try new things, but not if it doesn’t quite hit the spot.

People sometimes just don’t know or can’t articulate how they really feel, so they bottle it up, and it builds sadness, or an overwhelming amount of emotion – panic attacks, anxiety, insomnia, suicidal thoughts, depression. It’s all the body’s sign of not coping.

Love is always the answer. We need acceptance of those core, insecure places.

What hope do you have that your talents not just could but would make you enough to live off? You just need somebody to believe in you, to see your talent, and say the world needs this. The world needs you to do what it is that makes you come alive, because the world needs people that are alive and really living.

So, in the words of Frankie…

1) You’ve got to be free and explore the unknown, and take chances. Use your talents.

2) You’ve got to face heart break- deal with that pain and disappointment. Articulate your feelings.

3) Quit comparing

4) Make a change. Get a hobby. Socialise. Get out in nature. Do the small things that make your heart happy.


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