Wisdom From The Mouth of Another.

Wisdom can be gleaned from everybody, so long as you possess a willing heart to learn and grow.

Everybody has grown up differently and had different experiences. These have taught us values to uphold that may not make logical sense to someone without such experiences, but they remain true nonetheless, and still valid.

We are a vast people, in our religions and belief systems and how we’re wired. I believe each person, religion, and culture has poignant values that should be respected or even incorporated in to our own lives. Such values as respecting each other, and always showing kindness; engaging in the moment and choosing to be aware of the whole world that we are just a part of; looking after the world around you, to name a few.

Currently I have my first wisdom tooth stabbing its way in to my mouth, and it has made me ponder what wisdom actually comes from these late growing adult teeth, and how they got their name. Perhaps in the simplicity of looking for new spurts of wisdom, it makes a way to accept new ideas and create new judgements. The first step towards attaining something is desiring it.

When we encounter somebody who thinks differently to us- which should be often, it’s an opportunity to learn. Often, humans seek routine and habit, and feel safe amongst what they know, and they get comfortable – sticking to friends that have similar outlooks. But there’s a whole world out there, and maybe they do life, or at least parts of it, even better than we do!

This interesting article makes you think about how other people think, and the fascinating conversations to be had with people seemingly “opposite” to you.

And here’s a funny video of some poor person having their wisdom teeth out. Thank God British healthcare doesn’t do this to people. Maybe I don’t have it so bad after all!


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