Do you think you’re beautiful?

Everybody is different, every smile, every eye colour, every shape of the nose. Even if you take parts from either parent, some parts are uniquely yours, and they way each feature blends together is a masterpiece.

And yet, do you see yourself that way? Would you say that your face was a piece of art? Fashioned uniquely? Unconventionally beautiful? We’re told beauty is one thing. Yet 20 years ago, people were being told beauty was another thing.

That video where the person described themselves to be sketched, and then were described by a person they just met showed the contrast in perception. We see more beauty in others than we do ourselves. Why not see beauty in others AND ourselves? Appreciate individuality. Have affection for the unique features that make each person that person.

When you love yourself, you’ll treat yourself well, hold yourself well, portray yourself well.
And if it’s too much for you to love all of your self right now, just choose a little thing. Perhaps you like the way your eyes change colour in the sun light. Maybe it’s a dimple. Maybe a particular hair cut gives you a confidence boost. Focus on those things, and really listen when others compliment a part of you that maybe you don’t like so much. And learn to believe their words and hold them as true. You wouldn’t want a friend to think you were lying when you said something nice, right? I doubt they’re lying either!

Love your beauty.


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