Love and Power

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Love and Power change the world

Love and power are perfect in harmony. They must always come together. Love is powerful. Yet power has to be loving.

Many people believe a lot of this world’s problems and discrimination would end if we all just loved each other.

People get afraid of what they don’t know, don’t understand, or don’t relate to. Yet everyone’s wired differently. Even if you are conditioned to think a certain way because of how you grew up, or where you live: you still develop your own thoughts and beliefs about life’s topics. It seems each generation becomes more open minded towards each other. This is evidential in the legalisation of gay marriage: something I don’t think should be criminalised nor legalised: love isn’t under law.

Each individual defines their own “normal”. Marriage causes you to redefine it again, because your “right” way of spending Christmas will be different to theirs. And yet neither are wrong.

I believe if we all love one another, regardless of what we believe, then we’ll change the world for the better. When we commit to valuing one another, we’ll leave a legacy of peace and harmony between races, sexes, classes etc.

I believe in oneness, in unity, in harmony. There is peace in the acceptance of each and every person, regardless of what they’re like.

A great speaker and writer, Bill Johnson says,

Honour is when you recognise who someone is, without stumbling over who they’re not.

I always seek the gold in whomever I meet. When I’m talking to or observing someone, I’m looking in to their heart and hearing what they’re saying beneath what their mouth is saying. I look to see who they are. And it is that part that I fall in love with, and get fascinated with. It also means, that when they behave opposite to that, I love them anyway. I remind them of who they are. I seek to understand why they would act out. And in that way love is the most powerful transformation tool for relationships.

Seek to love, and you’ll gain the most influence. Seek to love and you’ll have the most friends. Seek to love and you’ll have favour wherever you go. Seek to love and you’ll be powerful.

Seek to have power, and you’ll end up alone, disrespected by those closest to you, and prideful. Power is dangerous on its own. It must flow from a heart with pure intentions. To use power it must be for the benefit of another, not just yourself.



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