Travel the World

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This world of ours is vast and beautiful. I’m desperate to get out there and see each place once, then move on to the next place. Each place has something that can be appreciated about it: whether it’s the people that make up the culture, or the sculpted shapes of the scenery.

People are designed to live amongst one another, and to expand their social boundaries. Why else would we have built roads between cities and nations? We long to get out of our own village and see what lies beyond the horizon. We all thirst for adventure, to take roads less travelled, to find secluded coves, and marvel at the world’s wonders.

My friend Mili was one of those spontaneous types she turned up at my house often to invite me on road trips. One time, she came round my house at 10pm and we left for the Redwoods- a 3 hour drive to the coast. Now, it didn’t occur to us that we wouldn’t be able to see the trees at night time. In fact we couldn’t find them. We couldn’t find the tallest trees in the world. Haha! However, we parked up on the beach and woke up to the sunrise. And that was most definitely worth it!

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Not all our road trips were successful. We attempted a trip up in to the mountains to the natural Hot Springs. We’d got pretty far, and it was a warm day and we were dressed in swim wear. We passed a sign warning for ice. We didn’t take much notice as the day was so warm. And then it happened. The incident. Mili was new to a clutch control car, and we’d been jolting through the gears the whole way, but we hit a corner too fast and skidded off the road, but she regained control and got back on. We quickly looked behind us to see how our friend’s car was going to take the corner. And we watched in horror as their car didn’t even turn for the corner, it just went straight off the road and flipped over in to a stream. We screamed. Time stopped as we thought they were dead. We slammed the breaks on and all ran over. Their car was upside down in the stream. Miraculously every one was okay except a few scratches and mild concussion.

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Adventure is out there. It doesn’t always have to be dangerous! But there’ll always be memories!

Don’t get stuck in to living the 9-5 day in day out. Live a life worth living. Take those spontaneous road trips. Take days out in a different city. Find a bargain flight abroad. Whatever you do, just go. Go out there to our great world. See what is to be seen.


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