Protein-Packed Pancake Day!

Well it’s Pancake Day in England. What a glorious day: a day dedicated to the delicious goodness of pancakes!!

In actuality, there is history behind Pancake Day, and its official name is Shrove Tuesday. It’s one of the Christian holidays, signifying the first day of Lent, 7 weeks before Easter. Lent is a season of fasting, therefore Shrove Tuesday is the day when people would eat up all the rich foods such as eggs and milk and sugar, because Lent is typically a season of limited pleasure. People often give up something for Lent, usually a vice like chocolate, but a good choice is giving up negative thinking.

England’s pancakes are different to America’s pancakes. I’ve lived there, and though I enjoyed Aunt Jemima’s 10 kilo bag of “Just Add Water” pancake mix (with added chocolate chips), nothing beats the English kind. They’re papery thin, crispy on the edges, and delicious doused in lemon juice and sugar. Or chocolate spread and sliced bananas, or berries. As a kid with no boundaries, I’d have ice cream and whipped cream and chocolate sauce in mine. We’d even have savoury pancakes with mince meat and cheese, like fajitas- for dinner.

Queen of cookery, Delia Smith offers a great pancake recipe revered by many Brits around the land.
Ingredients are simple: flour, milk and eggs. Plus butter for the pan, and lemon and sugar to top.
One ratio that works is 1 part flour (100g), 3 parts milk (300ml), 2 eggs.

pancakes b

However, here is a recipe to stun you all. Flour-less pancakes. Yes, that’s right.

  • All you need is
  • 1 egg, and
  • 1 banana.

A banana omelette? Magically no. Now, it took me 4 goes before they, admittedly didn’t just taste like banana omelettes. It’s all in the prep process.

  1. Crack your egg in to a bowl, and whisk with a fork.
  2. Peel banana, break in 4 parts or so, in to another bowl
  3. At this point, heat your pan/griddle if you have one.
  4. Add pat of butter/drop of oil/ spoon of coconut oil
  5. Mash with a fork
  6. Add whipped eggs in to banana bowl, mix with fork until well mixed.
  7. Add pinch of sea salt and -Optional: add cinnamon.
  8. Sprinkle water on to pan, if it sizzles, you’re ready
  9. Pour 10cm of mix (ish) in to your pan
  10. Test edges with spatula, flip when stable.
  11. Cook other side until browned
  12. Put on plate and drizzle with agave nectar or other sweet syrup, just stay away from synthetic stuff, please.

And there you have it, mine were actually delicious today. And the proof of a protein-packed breakfast was in the pudding today, when I plowed through the pool for 50 lengths, faster than ever before.

pancakes a


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