Craft Night

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Anyone else feel like it’s creative o’clock at 12am?

Well that gets lonely night after night, so I run a craft night every other week. Everyone brings their current project and we chat and share stories and laugh whilst making gifts and decor and accessories. Limitless possibilities and sharing of skills!

It’s pretty simple. Here’s how to host a Craft Night:

  1. Invite people who have a flair for creativity, or a desire to learn
  2. Provide drinks, perhaps even scones! Debate how you say scones.
  3. Be consistent with the time- commit to a night every week/biweekly/monthly
  4. Invite artisans who are particularly gifted in a certain area to teach. Have a kitty to cover expenses.
  5. Pre-buy supplies for everyone to do a similar project- with directions to follow, like a particular bracelet, or paper roses. Keep it cheap and simple.
  6. Do collaborative projects- for example, take a spoken word /poem etc and present it visually, combining your styles.
  7. Create according to season: supply card making materials and make cards for Christmas/ Valentine’s/ Mother’s Day etc.
  8. Keep your dining room table protected!

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