Begin Today

If you want to change and grow, get started today.

So Stop Waiting…

Until your car or home is paid off,

Until you get a new car or home,

Until your kids leave home,

Until you go back to school,

Until you finish school,

Until you lose ten pounds,

Until you gain ten pounds,

Until you get married,

Until you get a divorce,

Until you have kids,

Until you retire,

Until summer,

Until spring,

Until winter,

Until fall,

Until you die.

“You may have a million reasons not to get started now. But deep down, none of them can be as compelling as your desire to change, grow, and succeed. In a month or a year or five years from now, you may have only one regret- that you didn’t start now. Today matters. The way you spend today really can change your life. But the first decision you must make is to begin.”

-Today Matters by John C. Maxwell


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