Love and Power

  Love and Power change the world Love and power are perfect in harmony. They must always come together. Love is powerful. Yet power has to be loving. Many people believe a lot of this world's problems and discrimination would end if we all just loved each other. People get afraid of what they don't … Continue reading Love and Power


Travel the World

This world of ours is vast and beautiful. I'm desperate to get out there and see each place once, then move on to the next place. Each place has something that can be appreciated about it: whether it's the people that make up the culture, or the sculpted shapes of the scenery. People are designed … Continue reading Travel the World

Craft Night

Anyone else feel like it's creative o'clock at 12am? Well that gets lonely night after night, so I run a craft night every other week. Everyone brings their current project and we chat and share stories and laugh whilst making gifts and decor and accessories. Limitless possibilities and sharing of skills! It's pretty simple. Here's … Continue reading Craft Night