Animal Talk

I’ve been watching the Africa series with our beloved David Attenborough. I’m amazed by the interaction between the animals. They communicate and they express emotion, much like we do. Calf elephants even play chase with birds, like our kids do in the park!

I was outraged at the story with the big evil looking birds. They have massive heads with scary eyes, and long beaks with manic smiles.

birdThe big brother baby bird, pecked at its younger brother maliciously. The little one was too weak to lift its beaked head. When the mother came back with water for them, the little one tried sheltering under its mother. And this part struck me with horror: the mother, who saw what the big brother had done, stepped over the sheltering little one, and walked slowly to the mean brother, and chose to only give him water.


It’s sad that there’s not enough water and fish to raise two. What a hard choice for the mother to have.
The documentary is beautifully shot though, and gives an eye opening view in to the vast landscape of Africa.

This is Koko. She’s a gorilla that can communicate in American Sign Language. Not only can she communicate with her species, she can communicate with ours. Here is her expressing grief:

And here is her bonding with joy:


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