Storms of Life

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It’s just a part of life when things all feel like they’re going wrong. Apparently I believe I’m immune, because I’ll ignore trouble until absolutely necessary. If I’m having trouble with a person, my instinct is to talk less and less, hoping they get the picture. It often doesn’t work. So learn from me: it’s better to just talk.

Anyway, you know that line people use when talking to someone stuck in a downward state: “Clouds always have a silver lining”? Oh gee, what better way is there, than to comfort somebody with a blatant lie. I’ve never seen a silver lining on a cloud, have you? It’s like telling someone their situation is as likely to change as a pig flying. There’s never comfort in lies. It’s like being wrapped in a blanket- except, made from harsh scratchy material.

It’s far more powerful to sit with a friend in the mess, and talk it out with them. To acknowledge their feelings and strife, and choose to ride that storm beside them: that is a friendship that makes the storm conquerable.

Much more real than a cloud with silver lining, is the awareness that behind the clouds, the sun, or the stars are still there, shining bright. One might not be able to physically see their shine, but they shine nevertheless. And soon the clouds will pass.

I had a dream, after that terrible school shooting. I was in bed in a dorm room, laying awake at night. I could hear screams. Shots. Silence. Then again, screams, shots, silence. It went on and on, getting closer to my dorm room. I was lying curled up in bed, hoping it would go away. Instead, as I lay with my eyes squeezed shut, I heard my door open, and felt the bed sink in as the gunman sat down. I prayed fervently, that I was ready to go to heaven, keeping my eyes shut all the time. And then I gasped awake, in the way you only do if you awake from falling.

The meaning of that dream? We cannot ignore evil in the hope that it will go away.

There will always be clouds. Where there is light, there will also be shadows.
Ignoring it does not make it less true.

Bask in the sunshine, and when the storms of life hit, learn to dance in the rain.

3 days ago, a new study was published, revealing that storm clouds are filled with microbial life, that help colonise the world’s ecosystems, and influence the weather. Isn’t it funny how even in the violent storms, the storms themselves carry life and let it produce elsewhere?? They’re literally “Storms of LIFE”.

It is common knowledge among gardeners that you must cut back and prune a plant, in order for it to grow even better.



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