Drawing Awesome

Drawing is a talent, and a honed skill.

It amazes me when people produce what they do. It can start out just a sketch, and then boom. It’s suddenly a masterpiece. It is a form of magic! Not the witchy kind, but the kind that involves some expression of you and it fascinates another person. To transform a blank sheet, and actually create an idea, that you may have only ever imagined in your head is a feat worth recognising. Here’s some inspiring folks:

See I could draw that little boat at the beginning. I could not, however add all those layers. It’s incredible to watch.

And this one? I thought he was just going to draw a massive spiral, and I thought when the camera zoomed in, “that’s not a very neat spiral! The edges are wobbly, and it’s thicker in some places than others.” And then it zoomed out, and I shut up.

I find the juxtaposition of this man’s dramatic violent dancey painting, and the gentle Christian music positively hilarious.
But hey, I can’t paint upside down like he can, let alone dance AND paint, so Kudos to him!

Oh and THIS guy, does the best realism pen drawings I have ever seen in my life. redhead_girl___ballpoint_pen_by_vianaarts-d5531ab


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