Crafty Hands

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One of the projects born from the treasure hunt through Hobbycraft this week!
I got a new, massive book case for my room a little while back, and it destroyed my beautiful frame wall. Here’s the latest rendition. I know. It’s not the same. I still haven’t found a home for my framed chalk board, or my map cork-board. Ah well!

This has been a crafty week for me. I made a leather bound journal from scratch in an hour and a half. There should be an award for that. I tend to avoid green, because it’s cliché for gingers (!) but this leather journal is the perfect complimentary green for a redhead like me!
I’ve also made 3 head bands. They’re so much quicker than scarfs! I made a whole head band in one conversation with my mother!
Should I do a tutorial for knitting?

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

(apologies for the photo quality: my bedroom has dark yellow light bulbs. A killer when I’m drawing, painting, knitting, taking photos: anything really!)


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