Peace For Your Soul

Peace in your soul is all fulfilling and never-ending. It’s never in doubt, there’s never a second thought. It’s always there: resting heavy and full.

In the garden, I find peace for my soul

In the garden, I find peace for my soul

It is fullness. Be captivated by that! Get lost in that. Have all those little gaps filled up with peace. Be filled with fullness. Drink in that thick sticky liquid and let it cover, soak and drench every part of your insides.
Be quenched in fullness. And that will be your peace: no room for worry or even an ounce of fear.

Let peace fill you up to everything. If you were a vase, and every thought and emotion you ever have had could only fill up part of it, let peace fill the vase up right to the top.
That’s enough right there. We often fear not being enough; not being able to measure up. We get trapped in comparison, or always pursuing the next level of success.
But. If you let peace fill your mind and soul, and all the parts between your broken or faulty bits: you become enough.

To be proud, is to be filled with an air that says you already know it all, or all that is of importance. Yet being filled with air, isn’t really being filled. One must be a depth of substance: real and tangible even to the core.

Worrying is being proud. It’s a slippery slope towards believing that fear is more real to you than positive expectation. Being too busy, is prideful in that you begin to believe your time is more important than another person’s heart.
Quench these futile fillers from your mind. Instead, rest in the peace of your soul. Know what you are, yet know peace will come and fill every hole, every lack and every unanswered question.


3 thoughts on “Peace For Your Soul

    • Naomi says:

      Aw I’m so touched. You wrote that you can’t wipe that silly smile off of your face. You have made me smile with giddy joy today 😀
      Thankyou, sweetie 🙂

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