5000 of our schools closed with this latest snowfall. I was listening to Radio 2, as I worked in my café and they were talking about the Winter of 1963.

It was a winter where 20 feet of snow fell. Now this winter, I’ve seen the deepest snow that I’ve ever seen with my own eyes. But it was barely half a foot where I live in the South! Let alone 20 feet. Can you imagine?

People who were around for that winter were phoning in sharing their stories. They still had to walk to school. But the snow was nearly as tall as the lamp posts! And we shut our schools and transport systems down for a few inches. We don’t respond to snow very well in my opinion.

I got snowed out of the country a few years back. I was flying home from my school in California. I arrived for my connection in Chicago, where I must add, it was snowing. And London had cancelled my flight. I was dressed in California clothes. It was hot enough to wear shorts and a vest top cycling in December the week before I flew home. Yeah, this world is crazy. I had to walk the streets of Chicago- where the snow was several feet deep and find a hotel, and communicate somehow to my parents not to come fetch me.
And I was stuck in Chicago for THREE DAYS. THREE. That’s how long London rejected my homecoming.

AND, when I finally got a flight, there was less snow in London than in Chicago. How RUDE.

But hey, now that I’m in the country for a snow day, it was fun to enjoy it, and make snowmen and snow angels!

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2 thoughts on “Winter

  1. Glyn Strugnell says:

    Hi Naomi. I remember the winter of 1963. We has snow, & lots of it till April, & I still has to get to skool (is that right??). It was great fun though,

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