Bokeh Tutorial

Jumping on the bandwagon again!

I got given an SLR for Christmas, and photography accessories like a lightbox and tripod. I’d used an SLR before, but strictly only on Auto. Haha.

I’d been seeing beautiful bokeh (blurry in a good way) photographs, and wanted to achieve the same look, but auto only gives me this:


Haha, not quite the look I was going for. So I was forced to learn about cameras and aperture and shutter speed to get the required effect. I learnt about the M, A, S, P settings.

To achieve bokeh, you must set the camera to the highest aperture, by making the “F” number as small as possible: I was told f1.4, but for some reason I only could dial it down to f5.6?

And get a slow shutter speed of at least 1/50.

I used fairy lights, but the ones wrapped around my bed frame are actually made from white leaves, because my room has a white rose theme. I found these lights were too bulky to achieve the heart shape I was going for. But I did achieve this!

Feel free to comment me your tips. I’d love to learn more!!

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