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Sunrise… what a beautiful time of day, or is it night? When do you pinpoint it? Is it when the sky eases off from being so dark? Is it the first crest of the sun on the horizon? Where do you measure the horizon- from ground level? What if there are mountains or houses in the way?

And yet all this time, that we wait to see the first glimpse of the sun, all around the landscape is changing. Mist draws in, flying low over the ground. The sky changes a myriad of colours. Leaves and petals unfurl and shake off the night’s chill. The sky is the masterpiece, yet it is not the only marvel. It is the signal to begin: creation’s call to awake. Fill your day with the grind of work, family, buying houses, having kids. Oh I long for the days when a sun rise meant a call to look up and appreciate. It’s not a call to quit resting and get busy again. That can happen later, if it must.

Just pause for a moment.

Watch the transition of colours. See the vast changes in the landscape. Slow down. Sit and look. You don’t need to bring anything, do anything, ask anything, say anything. Just be there.

And breathe it in.

Absorb love’s blessing on the earth. Don’t hurry past this work of art. Take in every detail. Feel it with your being. Breathe in the cold wet air. Fresh. New. A decoration for the day ahead. No, actually it’s more than that, it’s a prelude, an introduction. A sun rise sets the day up. Beauty builds up in a live symphonic orchestra, a choreographed piece. It’s a work of art, yet it’s formed specially for this day alone.

And tomorrow is a new day…



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