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I am forever inspired by the freedom of graciousness, and mercy. It sets you free from trying to meet expectation and it’s given without expectation. Any free gift will make you quit working for it! You appreciate it more, because you might have had to work real hard to save up for that kind of gift. Mercy and grace: they’re extended without condition of good behaviour. You can be a mess and be eternally secure by saying yes to grace. When you say yes to grace, you’re admitting you can’t get it right all the time.
Being you isn’t about getting it right. It’s about living life to the full, fully being present, engaging with what’s in front of you.

I wrote here, “Grace is free, sets free, freely sets, is settling”
I explained about the freedom from striving, already. That “freely sets”… that’s about finally relaxing, letting go, taking hold fully of the life you have, and appreciating it. And yet you’re not bound to stay the way you are. You’re liberated to pursue the discovery of who YOU are, not who you think you should be.
Accepting grace for being yourself is the greatest gift one can receive. I say that you’re okay. In fact, you’re amazing, just the way you are.
Don’t feel that way? Well that’s what grace is about. Grace says, you’re free to be you, so rest in that. Because when you’re rested, not stressed, the true you comes out. When you’re feeling loved and accepted, not hiding behind a mask, the best you shines through.

Live a life of love.


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