Finding it Hard to Love All the Time??

I am always talking about love, always endeavouring to love with my whole heart. Sometimes it’s not met with the response that I desire, and it’s disheartening. Or, instead of loving someone through something I wanna through in my “I-know-how-to-fix-it” advice.

If you ever feel like that… here’s some hope for you….

Even with all your practice, you cannot encompass the fullness of all that love is. Your heart just isn’t big enough to memorise so many facts and moments and events of so many people. It’s impossible. You’re only human. We are asked to love: love to the fullness of which YOU can love.

Don’t exhaust yourself to strain to love the best you can.

Free yourself to be loved, and let your love for special ones and significant ones flow from that.

It is not your burden to love everybody with your whole heart. Just be open to loving them and letting it flow and grow between you.

There’s no pressure on you!

Love is love. It just exists. It doesn’t choose to begin. It just IS. And it will grow in the right environment. If hearts are receptive; if one is moved with compassion; if you feel connected: lots of qualities influence the removal of hindrances to love’s growth!

Let it be, let it happen in the natural flow of relationship and connection. It’s not work to love somebody.


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