A League of Extraordinary Gentlemen

Warning: This post has nothing to do with that movie!


I love watching people. I also love to watch them bloom. But “bloom” is such a feminine word, and men grow in to their element too! So here’s something hopefully more in their language:

No man needs to be fixed or changed by a woman. They are who they are.

Instead, it’s a woman’s role to watch their initiation in to their tribe. They must learn from brothers, uncles, fathers, grandfathers what it looks like to fully become a man. It requires the testing of their character, of their strength and of their will power.

A man must discover who he is: what he’s made of, how thick his skin is, yet how soft his heart it. Men are mighty warriors. Yet they still have to lean on others for knowledge, wisdom and to trust in the experience of others. They’re learning they can’t be independent. To win battles and hold down a for, they’ll have to depend on each other. They learn the strength of brotherhood: the power held by brothers-in-arms. They’ll lean on each other, pull each other on and press in.

When men interact, there’s always more fighting! I personally disengage from fighting, unless I believe in its purpose.

Men, are fighting for the identity of men: to take back the heart and strength of manly men, and project it to the world.

These are the men that know courage and stand up for what they believe in. They defend the voiceless, roar in the face of oppression and laugh at iniquity. They know they greater than any dark evil: far mightier, infinitely stronger and 100% capable of winning the battles.

They’re in this to take as much land as they can: land once owned; land never touched. They are guardians of the land, protectors, defenders, warriors.

Fight on the front lines for what is right and just.

These men, are kings that aren’t afraid to get dirty: to get in to the nitty gritty of how we see and do life, and fight the status quo of how it “has to be”

They fight for a higher standard. They don’t care if it’s messy: they’re boys! That’s how they like it!

One cannot just rebel against the government, or fight anyone. It’s not about threatening authority. It is neither rioting, nor is it unsettling.

For love is the core. Peace is the context.

The army may be fierce. But it is not in order to control: it is to love people out of pain and poverty. Its weapons are justice and mercy, balance perfectly and executed with kindness.

These men are not gangs, they are not outcasts, they are not the undesirables. They may have been once, but they seek for beauty in the brokenness. They seek honour in the mafia’s. They seek justice in the most corrupt governments. They seek satisfaction in the impoverished nations. They seek purity in the magazines and the media. They seek joy in the news. They seek celebration in the business meetings. They seek compassion in lonely city streets. they seek a kingdom that’s greater than theirs.

They’re marked by a noble nature, and favour proceeds their coming. They influence world leaders. They write on the hearts of the forgotten. They portray the faces of the lost to a distracted world. They are waking the world up. They are taking this kingdom and thrusting it in to every crevice of this war torn world.

These sons are taking kingdom business to the ends of the land. They sell only goodness and freedom and life. It may cost some luxury, others family. But the costs are only temporary, because with the purchase comes eternal reward: the safety of family, the love, the acceptance, the transference or gifts.

It’s the only life worth living.


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