Discovering A Person

There’s always more beauty to be found in you

Loving somebody is a journey of discovery. If you place value on the little things you do, imagine finding these things in another person! They’ll be fascinating for you. And you’ll be fascinating for them. I’ve always wanted to captivate somebody. That’s princess-talk. I want to be noticed when I walk in a room, for someone to take in every detail and just be in wonder.
I have that for others. I want it for me too! I love watching people, observing their quirks and seeing their personality come out. I love learning people.
I want to be learned: to be asked more questions than I ask! (And I ask a lot of questions), to be memorised, to have every detail taken in…

Is that what real love is like? Being fully known and fully knowing another?

Consider their hearts to be a map to get lost in: wander within who they are and come out feeling alive; exhilarated by the adventure!



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