Real vs. True

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True love, for example, is arms wide open, nothing held back, full and unconditional.

Real is how much you know it, how much is personal to you.

Real is personal knowledge, feeling, opinion, experience. Truth is the higher reality, the underlying opinion that overrules all others.

True rings true. It never fails. It never lies. It’s separate from lies. Truth is honest, genuine, pure, solid. It comes up positive in every test, it never fails, or doesn’t measure up.

True is the high standard, the statue of liberty, arm up, beacon shining for what is right and whole and good in every way.

Real, well, that’s tangible, experiential. It’s what you know and feel. It’s personal, eyes opened, remembering every detail, you could explain it in words type-of-thing.

The difference is, if you only govern your life according to your reality, then you miss out on the unknown; the possibility of the impossibilities, the hope of the invisible being seen.

Don’t be an Idealist: be a True Realist, where what is real to you is also what is true.


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