What He Knows

Everyone is entitled to their beliefs about if there is a God and what He could be like. Here’s mine:

He revels in the world, delights in it, gazes at it in wonder. It is so much fun for him to absorb every detail and piece of information. He delights in us each, and us all. We are simply wonderful to Him.

He sees all the good things, all at once. He is good! It is in His nature to bring out the good and see the good.

Of course, He is not ignorant of the bad…

Yet His “realistic” view is different to mine. He is the essence of Truth. He holds all ideas in motion. He is at the beginning and the end. He knows all the ifs and the buts. He knows all the flavours of the winds of change. He knows the flittings of the human heart, the whims of a human soul. He knows the impacts of the spontaneous and the imprint of the steady.

He knows all. He is who He is. The name “I AM” is His name, His nature, His character, His attributes: His being, His person. He is all. There’s no other word that could partner to suffice all that He is. Therefore, His being must rest in those little yet magnificent words, “I AM”. He is, that which He is. And He is all we are looking for. If we need love, he is love. If we need wisdom, he is wisdom. If we need healing and comfort, He is those also.


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