Loving Enough

The amount of love you give isn’t measured: it’s the amount of love that they feel worthy to receive.

You are enough.

Your love is enough. If you give your whole heart to somebody, and they still don’t want it, it’s not because you aren’t enough for them, or they for you. Sometimes it’s too much to take on somebody’s whole heart. That’s a lot of responsibility: to love well, and to love all of somebody well.
Keep going. Keep loving.

They’re actually serving you with honour: in sacrificing you. They’d rather you be loved fully, than be loved partly by them. They’d rather you were given the full present them, not just a part of them.

It’s not rejection.

You’re still loveable and desirable, wanted and needed.

Keep giving your heart. One day, it will be held with the value that it’s worth.


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