You’ll Get There

Peace sustains your longevity.

Peace is this state of completeness; no worrying, no striving, no expectations. Everything done and dusted, all questions answered. It’s the state of a hopeful heart that sees more than it understands. Being in peace is maintaining hope for a future, that transfers in to your present state. So if you have peace, you’re not worrying or planning. You see what the future holds, therefore you can get on and live in the present.

I said peace doesn’t involve planning- it does involve dreaming and strategising: that’s part of seeing the future. Strategising fits in to a different category, but it’s still under peace. Peace sustains your longevity because it acts as a tie between you, and future-you.

The peace is the hopeful certainty that “you’ll get there”.

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Peace is the stark opposite of worrying. It’s the antonym- it couldn’t be farther from association. Worry is fear based. It looks at your present circumstance and skill set and your past failures. And then it stands between you and your future as this big obstacle you have to overcome.

You are an overcomer, but your don’t have to overcome yourself.

What’s done is done, and you can learn from any mistakes you make.

Instead: the things you have to overcome are fear and lies. They tempt you to believe you’re not powerful. But we are. End of. So don’t give in to silly mind games: they’re just a waste of time.

Your mind is your own. Your thoughts are your own.

Tune in to whatever you want. But listen to the thoughts that bring you life.


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