Castle Building

mini sand castle


I had a dream once when I was small enough to fit inside a sand castle. All the furniture was made out of sand, and I could see through the tiny windows to my view of the sea. When I was little, building sand castles with my Dad and Grampy on holiday, I used to long to be inside the castle, roaming the slopes and climbing the walls.

I love how you can just see a castle and instantly, feel like a princess. I shared my funny outing to a castle here before, where my laughter carried from the tallest turret down to the grounds below. I lived in princess dresses when I was growing up, I wore this Snow White dress til I could pop open the back just by breathing in!

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That last pic is of my Grandma‘s squishy cheeks!!

Castles take time to build. Brick by brick. Detail added on to detail.

Our minds can be seen like castles. From the moment we are born, we make our own thoughts about things: people around us, our environment, ourselves. Once we think something, we look for things that confirm what we think. We are trying to prove that we’re right. The more thoughts we have that agree, the stronger it gets, and it becomes a belief. It feels like a fact: as it’s real to us.

Changing your mind about something, is actually a massive conquest. It involves taking down and restructuring a whole turret of your castle.

It is said, “the state of your room, indicates the state of your mind”. Imagine your home on a magnified level. That’s what the castle of your mind looks like. Is that the castle you dreamt about living in when you were a kid watching Disney movies?

Creating a beautiful mind takes action: it’s castle building. It requires strength and skill and intentionality. You’re a princess- or a prince- and you deserve a home worthy of your title. Choose that you’re worth something, that you’re special, and valuable, and your life choices will reflect your inner sense of worth.

You’re worth being housed and clothed in something beautiful. Within you is something priceless. Your personhood, your character, your spirit is worth being treated well. So treat yourself well. Adorn yourself. Do beautiful things, for the sake of beauty alone. Kings and queens of old lavished their homes with beautiful things. Not things with use. Their purpose was their beauty. Be a beautiful person inside out.

Swirl and twirl like a princess. I told my friend the other day, that at the end of a film like Hunchback of Notre Dame, I waited til everyone left the cinema room, and swirled down at the front under the screen. I’m still like that. I love being danced with, and picked up and twirled and dipped. And more than that, I love being treated with honour and respect, and as if I am a lady. Am I alone in wanting this in today’s equal sex world? I doubt it. Within us all is a desire to feel lovely and desirable.



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