Back To Work


Christmas is over, New Years Resolutions are freshly declared taxes are due and it’s back to work.
The calendar gets filled less with social events and casual hang outs, and instead with classes and studying and working and serving. Deadlines are set, we get back in to routine, and we long for the next holiday.

But hey. Let’s not get miserable about it. Let’s not dread going back to school or work, and wishing the weeks away until our next break. This is our lives we are talking about! We only get one life span! Unless you believe in reincarnation… in which case, you could argue you get many.
However, I am of the belief that we’re here for our century (give or take) and we must make of it what we will.

I had a reunion with my college friends this Christmas, and they’re each doing exciting things. I watched Julie & Julia yesterday with my mum, a glass of red, and my knitting. Friday-Night-In yayy! In the movie Julie’s turning 30, and she still meets her friends for Cobb salad and she dreads it. They’re all successful exec’s and she feels like a failure. She feels like she’s not done anything with her life yet. To add to her self pity, her friend features her in an article depicting people are letting their lives slip past.
But it gave her the oomph she needed. She took charge of her life, did something challenging and yet satisfying and actually finished something!

I got reminded of my friend’s reunion because they’re all off around the country getting degrees this year, and heading for successful careers. I chose a different path. Or, it was chosen for me, 3 A’s doesn’t always give you an offer for university in this competitive age!

But despite being different, and doing something other than the norm, I’ve gained incredible life experience and actually got to know who I am, and what I like, instead of picking a degree I just thought I’d be good at.

We can’t control what happens to us in life, but we can control how we react to it.
And whatever you’re doing, a job, a course, parenting, adventuring, hanging out, or on a self discovery journey, never forget what got you on that path, and what you dreamed of getting out of it.

Don’t get so busy doing the tasks, and completing every event in the calendar that you forget why you’re doing what you’re doing; that you’re aiming for something.

Being busy, is not equal to being successful. Being too busy can distract you from the true priorities in life: family, friendships, fun.

We only get one chance at life. If this was your last week or day, how would you spend it honestly?


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