Making Enemies



I have enough with things sometimes. A lot of the time, these things won’t bother me, and I’ll accept them as a part of life.

And then all of a sudden, something rises up from within me, and I want to fight about it.

I’ve been told that I need to communicate little and often, instead of letting it build and build until I’ve had enough and I’m through. I tend to not bring things up to protect the feelings of others, and as funny as it sounds, it’s because I actually respect the person and our friendship that I don’t want to threaten it.

Friends have felt like this is me being dishonest with them. But it’s not on purpose. It’s genuinely out of care, and putting them first.


And then there are the other times. The blow up moments. The moments where there’s no way I can sit back and let it slide. There’s no way I can stand for them settling for second best. It’s impossible for me to sit and listen to negativity when I am full of hope for their future and their circumstance. It is times like these when a whole other side of me cries out.

My normal lovey-dovey softly spoken, Disney princess voice gets cast aside, and I look the circumstance straight in the eye and say with the ferocity of a mother bear,

“I AM HERE. I AM NOT BACKING DOWN. I’m not holding back. I will NOT be overcome”

We are a powerful people. The battles we fight are most often not between fellow man, but within our own heads. And we simply must stand up for ourselves, and not be beaten by fear or insecurity. Fear is a Liar. And it is not worth your time. It is ignorant to wish to have fear eradicated from your life. There will always be things that threaten you. However we must all endeavour to have enough courage to overcome the fears we face.

I’m not encouraging speaking hurtful things that offend people.

Your words are powerful and with them you can breed life or destruction. I want to be a person, and be surrounded by people that use their words to build people up.

Standing up for things can make you enemies. Because as people we feel safe with people we understand. If we don’t know something, we fear it. If we disagree, we want to divide. But we must go against that instinct, we must fight the fear of the unknown, and decide to keep our arms open to people that hurt us whilst having the boldness to stand up for our own values.

It’s a balancing act. We’re not out to make enemies. We would rather keep our friends close to us. Fight for friendships that stand the test of difference. Fight to stay connected even when you stand for different things.

The world is ravaged by war: wars over differences of opinion. And what are we left with when the war is over? Even more reason to divide and keep our own opinion.

Stand up and fight, but not against each other.

Make enemies instead of fear, and lies. Fight them with all your strength. Never put down the weapons you use to overcome fear: joy, hope, determination, resilience, strong friends.

We all fear something, but never let that fear be directed at a person. It is not the person you are afraid of. Fear is your enemy. Not them.


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