Warm Soup for a Cold Day

Our house decided that it would be a smart idea to turn our sash windows in to double glazed sash windows- in December. Yes it’s smart to have thicker windows during winter. However, it is not so smart to leave gaping holes in your walls all day as the windows get swapped over. 

I’m personally pretty happy that we are changing the windows, because when I sit on my bed, my hair literally blows in the breeze. 

The other problem with getting new windows, other than the rooms being open to the elements all day, is that in removing the old windows, much of the plaster has come off and left bare brick showing. This bare brick is connected directly to the elements, and my hair STILL blows in the breeze: the 0 degree breeze of December.

Last night, soup sounded like a good idea to warm up, so I made parsnip and carrot. I could post a recipe with pictures like I do for my baked goods, but all I did was chop them up, threw them in boiling water and stock, and added various flavours and spices, and served it with freshly baked bread.

Anyway, it may have been the simplest of meals to make, but I made the biggest mess as I did it. I went to try and pour the full pot in to the blender, but it was rather heavy, and I spilt some. Instead I scooped it out with a jug, and hit power. Now, I defend myself and insist that the lid was firmly on, but the pressure of my soup forced the lid off and threw- I hate to say it,-vomit looking goop everywhere. Carrot just does that.

Anyway, at this point I was informed, that the hand blender is a much easier tool to use to blend soup. I got it out to use for the remainder of the soup, and as I was chasing the pesky carrots to blend them up, soup liquid kept flying at me, as the blender hit the surface of the soup.

i kept trying, thinking that fast moving blades upon a liquid surface was a good idea, and just kept standing further and further back as hot soup juice splattered against my clothes. I stood, as far back as I could, with just my hand out to buzz the blender, and with even my face turned away from the pot, I just got soup rain violently across my neck. 

I was then informed, that to properly chase carrots, one must target them with blender off, push the carrot to the bottom of the pot, then turn the blender on and stir. 

Alas, this had never occurred to me. Where were my informants at the beginning of my endeavours, eh?

Hey, at least, hot soup both in and on my body warmed me up!


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