Binding Books: More than a Diary

I can’t go more than a few days without journalling. I love writing what I appreciated, compliments I received, events that I took part in, my hopes and dreams, my prayers, my ideas for life. I wouldn’t have started a blog without journalling!

These journals are for more than personal use. Infact, they’ll be public, I’m inviting for anyone to write within their pages. There’ll be 7 in total. And they’ll be designated to specific aspects of our culture, namely:

  1. Arts and Entertainment,
  2. Media
  3. Education
  4. Family
  5. Politics
  6. Business
  7. Religion

These are the main things that make up our culture. And most things in our life fall in to one of those categories.
Now, as people, having to live around other people that are different to us, people make choices we don’t agree with, and they can affect us. At the same time, we each make choices that impact others, hopefully positively- such as acts of random kindness.

But bigger than that, I’m always pushing to think bigger. We can make more of an impact in the world than simply by being kind. As long as your motivation is to love, serve and value others, then you can entrepreneur a business. Your business could provide a service people genuinely need, not just be selling a product they think they need in order to be “better”. Your efforts in teaching could influence a generation of students that go on to become the nation’s leaders and decision makers. The way you do family, could inspire and teach others to make better marriages and decrease the divorce rate.

There’s so much impact you can have through your life.

So these journals are for those ideas, those practical strategies, those wild dreams, those inventions, those dreams of a better world.

And there’s only one rule: Write knowing anything is possible.

22- Then I glued in the centre, and wrote this quote freehand.

22- Then I glued in the centre, and wrote this quote freehand.

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4 thoughts on “Binding Books: More than a Diary

  1. dba says:


    I like your blog. I read your blog n i am impress by your writing style. I am also wrote some book in my field. keep going It’s a nice things. Your Thinking about world n your test are very unique..
    thanks for sharing…


  2. dba12 says:

    Lovely Blogs.. i mean, What can i say.? It’s look very beautiful. I love your blog. I really want to see how to be made book? From you i can also do in my style.. Really amazing. Thanks For sharing.. I would love tell my friend who want to make own books. Just see your Blog…..


    • Naomi says:

      Thankyou thankyou.You should give it a try. Follow the pictures, and see how you get on. If you have any issues, just tell me and I’ll try and explain.

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