Soul Mates: Having Faith In Humanity

Sometimes, I philosophically wonder why we’re here on Earth, and what we’re doing with our lives. I was having one of these moments when I wrote a Life Well Done.

During our lives, we’re surrounded by people. Some we love, some we enjoy, some we yearn to know more of. And I take joy in knowing people, in loving them and being loved by them. Friends are the greatest gift on earth. That connection between two people: of mutual respect, an honest appreciation, a determination to say the tough things, and a shared adventure to pursue and experience the monuments of life, and the wild things that this earth has to discover. I feel like life is about doing what feeds your soul and makes it come alive. And the feeling of life for me, is found in good friendships. Soul Mates. Not just the one person you spend your life with, but the many friends you pick up along the way that your soul bonds with, over more than just a shared love of tea and Doctor Who.

And another blessing of earth: the kindness of strangers. The people that pass across the fringes of your life, and don’t stay longer than a moment, but that moment that crossed your lives together shifts yours in dramatic ways. It’s easy to love those who love you. It takes character and intentionality to love those who don’t love you, people who actually dislike you, and in this case, people indifferent towards you. But when you make that choice- to love first, to extend the hand, expecting nothing in return, that causes ripples in to eternity.

Evan Almighty’s core message is that you will change the world, through Acts of Random Kindness. Life is difficult sometimes, that’s a simple fact, there’s always going to be drama of some kind, so be kind! Plato says, “Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle.” I refuse to focus on negative, or let it rule my thought life, but if in reality, life’s not gelling together, then I’ll take your hand until the true reality of good things, and promises fulfilled, and dreams realised and joyful hope, and overflowing laughter comes to pass.

Here’s a link that inspired me and touched my heart today: Faith In Humanity


To have faith in humanity, is to believe good things about people, and believe your life makes a difference, each time you smile at a stranger, or offer something to someone in need.


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