Chalk is the new snow!

Chalk is the new snow!

Chalk is the new snow!

Christmas, everyone wishes for snow. I certainly do- I’m a kid around snow. And in England, we get all wimpy around snow, and all the schools and public transport systems shut down. I love it. Snow days sledding down hills and building snow men!

I’ve lived with Minnesotan’s and they definitely agree that us Brits are wimps. They practically live in snow caves in winter, with feet, not just inches of snow, every year!
I got stranded in Chicago 2 Christmasses ago, because London had a few inches of snow, so it took me days to get another flight. Thankfully, one of my other housemates originally came from Chicago, so I had a mini-holiday with her! Lesson learned though: pack spare clothes, especially underwear in to your carry on! When I finally was reunited with my family in London, I was appalled to see that London had LESS snow than there was in Chicago. We are a shocking nation. However, when the snow doesn’t negatively affect me, I love it!

So, chalk boards are all popular again, even though it’s like going backwards, because schools all use Smart Boards now, or at the very least white boards. Oh, and talking of remembering Grandma, bless her heart, I had a mini whiteboard, and I was playing with it, drawing then erasing and drawing more. And she was literally staring at it in wonder!

For my Christmas cards this year, I drew up this chalk Christmas blessing, and wrote an individualised new year blessing inside for each family member. I love hand written blessings, and messages of why you appreciate the card-receiver. If I can make them cry, I take that as a “Winning At Life” trophy. My group of friends has a running joke: on my 18th birthday, I received a card that literally only said, “To Naomi. From Greg” Not a “love from” not even a “happy birthday”. And that’s Greg all over, blunt as you like. But hey, there was a twenty in there, so I’m not gonna judge too much! He’s also generous! Just in a simple way, no beating around the bush; that’s our Greg.

I feel like this generation doesn’t really do cards anymore. But this Christmas, I encourage you to take a mo’, and think about why you’re thankful for your family members, and remind them you love them! When I take time to think in this way about somebody, I always end up appreciating them more! One can never say “I love you” too much.

And this is what Christmas is about: family gathering together, showing our appreciation for each other, celebrating each other.
It is the season of celebration, after all.


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