Jumping on the Bandwagon.

I lately gave in, and watched Hunger Games for the first time, after months of listening to friends talking about the books and the movie. I didn’t want to do it just because everyone else was…. but eventually I always do. Like when I gave in to twilight- I bought the trilogy of books, ready for this beach holiday with my friend. I was only a few chapters in and we went to see Harry Potter at the cinema. A trailer comes on for Twilight, and talk about spoiler: as I’m watching, Jacob turns in to a werewolf. I yell out in my seat, “JACOB’S A WEREWOLF?!?!” I hadn’t got to that part in the book, and the blooming trailer ruined it for me. Well done Summit, for ruining all suspense.

Anyway, the other trend I gave in to, was chalkboards. I made my own, for my frame wall.
And at work I regularly do our chalk boards. Here’s a few!

What message would you write to inspire you?


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