A Life Well Done.

Do you ever daydream about just floating in the sea? A warm sea I should add.

The other day I could just see myself floating away. Without a care in the world.

Then I paused to think, why do we rush around doing all these other activities, filling our calendars with projects and deadlines, and things we simply have to do, that run in to other things we simply have to do. Days, weeks and months fly by, and we think where is our time going?

I’m not advocating we all quit our day jobs and move to Spain. (However nice that sounds.) I’m simply questioning how we spend our time. Often, an instant response that I get to this challenge is, “Well of course, Naomi. People have to work to pay their bills, we can’t all jet off to Switzerland for the weekend and nap in the day”

So I respond to them, “Okay, let’s take a look at your days off. I’m not telling you to quit work, but I am suggesting we look at our free time.”

If you like the sea, why spend all day perusing the internet. I love playing video games, and I get fully absorbed, but when I come away after a few hours I can’t help feeling it was a bit of a waste of the day. So then, if you love the sea, take a train to the seaside. Take a book if you like to read, or a journal, or a sketchbook or your knitting. Whatever makes you come to life. I love spending time on my own, if I’m spending all day with people, I have to get away on my own, otherwise I get irritable. And that’s okay: to do what you need to do, to keep happy.

And if you value your family, do you want to look back on your life and think how great you were at your job, while you didn’t spend enough time at home?

I just think time is so valuable, and I don’t like it when my days fly by and I don’t feel like I’ve done anything that mattered. I journal every day and it pains me that some times a whole day can be summarised in 2 lines. What kind of life am I living here?!

There is something special about each moment. Every breath is significant. There is something notable about each second of our lives, and we can choose to be aware of each moment, or we can choose to be looking for the next thing, and the next event or deadline. But thinking like that will just make the days fly away and you won’t have anything to show for them.

I admit it, I’m a praise-junkie. My mum raised me on constant praise for all my achievements. I love it when I do something I’m proud of and someone says, “Well done.” I want my life to be looked at and for people to think, “yeah, that was a life well lived, a life well done.”


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