Swiss Grooming

I just took a trip to Switzerland for the weekend, and I absorbed the culture. The buildings are like a winter wonderland with coloured shutters on the windows. and curved roofs. Everyone drove either a Mercedes, a Porsche, a Chrysler or an Audi. Even taxi drivers.

But the buildings weren’t the only beautiful things to look at, the people were beyond handsome. They literally looked like they stepped off the pages of Vogue. Jaw-droppingly-handsome. So groomed, but not in an Essex way!

The Swiss culture is one of excellence and perfection, they’re clean and orderly- from the autumn leaves to their facial hair. I was so inspired infact by their pristine appearances that when I went to do my eye brows, I didn’t just pluck them, but I thought I’d trim them too. Now, it wasn’t really having the desired effect with the safety cap on the trimmer, so I took the cap off. And lo and behold, I lost half of my eyebrow.

Not quite the elegant neat look I was going for.

Thankyou Switzerland, for making me look like a right idiot.


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