I love kids. Under 3’s are my favourite with their chubby wrists and disjointed speech. Oh I love their hearts. They’re so funny, how they get in little strops and you give them a choice to continue their behaviour but they’ll have to sit outside the group, or stop their behaviour and carry on having fun with the rest of us. It astonishes me that they choose to continue their strop, so they have to quit having fun and go sit by themselves! Where’s the logic in that?

Choices are powerful though. I learned that in my school at Bethel. When you give choices, it should be a win-win outcome. It took me a little while to get my head around. I was used to giving choices that sounded like:
A: Stop being naughty. Join in. Or
B: Stop being naughty…. And join in…
Haha! I could never think of an alternative option that I’d still be happy with. I learned choices can be subtle, for example if someone is running around and not sitting with your class, just let them choose to get special treatment sitting by you, or sitting on the lap of another leader. If they choose either one, they’re sitting, and next to someone who can keep em in check. Or letting them choose to join in, or sit and watch.It’s Halloween this week, and I’m not in to all that witchy stuff, even if it’s all glamorised on X Factor, with the pale faces, glam rock style and rich plum lips. Still want the kids in my class to have fun, though!
I want my kids to learn that they don’t need to be scared of the dark, or ghosts or whatever.
If you turn the lights of in your room, what changes, really? Nothing moves, literally nothing changes, other than the light switch. So what’s there to be scared of?
I taught the class, that there’s nothing to be scared of in the dark. Truthfully, God is light, and life and love, and all good and attractive and creative things. Darkness might represent the absence of light. But how dare we be scared of a lack of something else? Take heart, love, because it’s been overcome. In fact, those that believe in him, carry his light, and love and life etc, so if you carry light
…what does that mean….?
You glow in the dark!
And so a party ensued. This time, when I turned the lights off, they were wearing glow in the dark necklaces, halos, bracelets, and lightsabers. The dark wasn’t scary this time, and they realised they could have fun, even though they couldn’t see. It was funny hearing them stumble over their chairs and trip over each other, but they were having fun, so much fun all other plans went out the window, because they wanted to party for the whole lesson.
Why be scared of something, just because you can’t see, or know, or understand, or feel it?

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