How do you speak to yourself?

I’m not asking you if you speak to yourself outloud, like those cuties that mutter when they walk down the street. I’m not asking if you talk to yourself in your room. If I were, I’d be asking if you use a random accent, like I do. I am an only child. I can make myself laugh with nothing more than a webcam and some free time.

What I’m asking is, in that inner world of yours, what language do you speak? If your best friend talked to you the way you talk to you, how long would they be your best friend?

I was privileged enough to attend school in California. And there I learned how to talk to myself. (“Why did you pay 10 grand to become one of those special mutterers?!”, I hear you ask)

Well, I believe positive self-talk changes the world. And that’s what the school was for really: training us how to change the world. (If you’re interested in this topic, check out

So, this positive self-talk. To talk positively about oneself, one must think positively about oneself. But in order to think these positive things, one must believe it in one’s own heart. It’s a challenge to think you’re amazing and beautiful just the way you are in today’s society. Everyday we get pressured to buy certain make-up, wear certain clothes, buy new shiny things. We must be better, our hearts cry. Adverts and malls whisper- buy this and you will be. But how we get better, is not by changing our outward appearance. It is by changing our hearts, and letting that transform the way we think.

Story-pause: I was shopping San Francisco for new shiny things. Hypocrite? No, because once you believe you are beautiful, it becomes a delight to buy things, because you aren’t buying whatever to become beautiful, you’re buying it because you know you are already! Anyway, so we popped in to Sephora, and spoke to the delightful make up man, and asked him how much it would be to get pampered. As we got chatting, I asked him, “From a man’s perspective, what makes a woman beautiful?” And get this, he said “a nice personality and a smile. I’ve seen the most attractive women in the world, but they open their mouth and they’re not beautiful.” Beauty cannot be applied with a brush. Beauty speaks from within. Beauty is revealed by the condition of the heart. We condition our hair everyday, but how often do we condition our hearts? How often do you look inside yourself and say “hello in there, how are you doing?”

And so, we let our heart speak. Don’t hide from yourself. Truth is intimidating, because it requires change, but the change = freedom. When you see how you are, you can speak the truth about who you are really.

Who you are really, is beautiful. You’re amazing. You’re the only person like you in the whole world, so why attempt to become a second-rate version of any one else? You’re an original, let it shine. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. I say, beauty too is in the heart of all women, we know it when we see it, we know how it makes us feel, we crave to be told it by our fathers and men.

Go look in the mirror, and tell yourself “I am beautiful.”

Then say it again! Say it until you believe it! Then go continue with your day. Do something feeling beautiful.

I dare you.




One thought on “How do you speak to yourself?

  1. Ian Traynar says:

    Wonderful thoughts Naomi! I’ve seen that if God is love (which I believe to be true) then he made this universe in love. In other words love is the very fabric that holds it all together – I guess you could say ‘love is in the air’, but I think John Paul Jones has already said that (great song, though, on this theme)! For me this means even if I don’t feel loved, I can imagine it is there, just by taking a look around me, and fashion some of that love out there to love myself with. Then I’ve found it grows and grows within, and soon not only is there enough love for me (and I do too like loving myself), there is also enough love to spill out over everyone I meet. Ian T

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